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Sustainable funding for global trade

Artis Finance Group is a leading NBFI that focuses on midmarket companies and multinational firms. We specialise in providing working capital solutions even in times of market volatility.

We exclusively work with institutional capital partners and are backed by TDR Capital, tier-one investment banks, pension funds and insurers. Artis is well-placed to deliver robust, sustainable funding to established traders and businesses.

We offer support to midsized traders and manufacturers through our core receivables finance programme, while larger, multinational companies benefit from our bespoke receivables purchase offering.

Trade finance, long the preserve of international banks, is also emerging as an attractive asset class for fixed-income investors. By combining our sector expertise with strong business practices and focusing on well-established companies, Artis ensures a diverse, low-risk portfolio in a sector defined by its minimal default and high recovery rates.

Transactions are underpinned by credit insurance from A-rated providers, a robust risk management framework and rigorous due diligence checks carried out by both our expert team and external parties.

Our Programmes

A reliable source of funding


Mid-Market Trade Receivables Finance

Our core programme allows midmarket and larger corporates trading globally to drawdown on pre-arranged facilities and secure loans worth 90% of their receivables.

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Bespoke Receivable Purchase Programmes

Targeted at larger businesses looking for a tailored solution, Artis can work with clients to create a bespoke receivables purchase programme where the asset is transferred off a company’s balance sheet entirely.

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Artis provides long-term, partnership driven and sustainable finance solutions for our clients and a robust, transparent and attractive platform for our investors

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