Global reach

With an operational footprint in major trading hubs including London, Geneva and Singapore, Artis has developed a track record of originating high-quality transactions globally.

In recent years, companies of all sizes have struggled to adequately fill their trade finance needs, amid a retrenchment of commercial banks from the sector due to growing regulatory pressure and scrutiny.

Artis aims to help established firms, those with sound governance and strong business practices, access the funding they need.


Industry knowledge

Artis is well placed to understand and serve the needs of our customers and investors, with our expert team backed by a management board comprised of industry specialists from across trade, banking, finance, and private equity.

Our business is based on building relationships for the long-term and is underpinned by a strong set of values, industry expertise and a commitment to our partners.


Partnership driven

This varied expertise has allowed us to build a unique model, focused on providing stable funding to borrowers and consistent returns to investors.

This includes an innovative trade receivables finance programme backed by listed bonds and a range of bespoke structures perfectly tailored to address our partners’ needs.


Artis is a relationship driven partner, providing stable funding to borrowers and consistent returns to investors