Key Aspects

Sizeable, bespoke purchase programmes

Competitive pricing

Pricing tailored to a company’s risk profile.

Flexible financing

Access different forms of finance including term loans and credit facilities.

Fast and efficient onboarding

Simple and easy onboarding processes ensure companies can access capital quickly.

Off-balance sheet

Purchase of assets from company’s balance sheet enhances capital management.

Reliable Long-Term Finance

Strong institutional backing ensures a sustainable, long-term source of funding.

Transparent Real-Time Reporting

Ability to track loans in real-time via a bespoke technology platform.

Corporate Borrower

Established Mid-Market Player
Turnover of greater than US$1bn with track record of reliable performance
High Quality Securitization
Liquid and stable balance sheet assets including receivables backed by creditworthy buyers
Strong Culture of Compliance
Established risk management systems, sound governance practices and culture of compliance

Through bespoke purchase programmes, we can provide larger traders or corporates with non-recourse, off-balance sheet funding, in turn helping them to optimise their cash flow and strengthen their balance sheet.

Case study

Under this programme, Artis recently supported a large commodity trader seeking to diversify its funding sources and tap into the debt capital markets.

As part of our receivable purchase offering, Artis can create individual programmes tailored to a specific client’s needs. Under one such arrangement, a large commodity trader with several buyers spread across different regions approached Artis seeking a bespoke funding arrangement.


Early payment

We worked closely with the firm to create the off-balance sheet funding structure, which saw Artis buy multiple invoices from the company, allowing it to access payment early and optimise its cash flow.

For each deal, the company entered into sales and purchase agreements with a supplier and offtaker, before selling and shipping products to the buying company on commercially agreed terms.

The commodity trader, our client, then sent documents to Artis for the necessary checks, with our expert team then liaising directly with the offtaker.

As we had no recourse to the client and bought the receivables from the business outright, the buyers then paid Artis directly at maturity.

Global copper ore trader

USD 1.2bn
USD 70m
Net profit
USD 55m
USD 100m
Group Jurisdictions
Singapore, UK, Switzerland
Transactions supported
Direct purchases from major miners, sales with smelters

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Securing finance against your trade receivables can help boost your working capital position. Speak to one of our advisors for more information about the types of transactions Artis can support, our eligibility criteria and parameters.

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