Capital for the mid-market

Assured financing

The three-year funding term gives our clients forward visibility and stability, allowing them to grow their business in a planned and sustainable manner.

Easy onboarding

Our clear eligibility criteria and application processes ensure a quick and streamlined onboarding process.

No cumbersome fees

Clients benefit from low onboarding costs and borrowers are charged on amounts drawn rather than the size of a facility.

Tailored financing

Our global and sector-agonistic approach means Artis is open to transactions involving different types of goods, and in varying jurisdictions.

Facility Profile

Facility Size
USD 5m – USD 40m
≥ USD 100m p.a.
≥ USD 5m
Track Record
≥ 5 years
Transaction Terms
30 – 180 days
Credit Insurance
90% cover from A-rated providers

Use receivables on your balance sheet to maximise your company’s working capital position.

Secured receivables-linked loans to corporate borrowers, 90% covered by A-rated credit insurers.

Case study

Our client is a steel and metals trader, which since being established in 2003 has achieved year-on-year growth through all market cycles.

The transaction

Optimising cash flow is key for metals traders, particularly in times of heightened market volatility. This deal saw a metals trader client enter into a short-tenor 150-day contract with an off-taker in Asia, after which the borrower sought to leverage its receivables and secure early access to funding through Artis.


Artis Solution

Our finance solution effectively allowed the trader to secure a financing against its receivables book. Prior to the sale taking place with the buyer in Asia, Artis previously extended an uncommitted loan facility to the trader after it passed our stringent eligibility and due diligence checks.

At a later date, once the borrower entered into a contract with the off-taker in Asia, the client was then able to request a drawdown on the facility worth 90% of its receivables. After our team conducted rigorous due diligence checks on the transaction and the various counterparties, and with the trader having sourced A-rated credit insurance and agreed with the buyer to use the bank-to-bank collection process, Artis extended financing, enabling the client to secure early funding and optimise its cash flow.

Client Profile

Client Location
Facility Quantum
USD 25m
Debt Tenors
150 Days
Client Revenue
USD 400m
Client Equity
USD 65m
Steel and metals

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Securing finance against your trade receivables can help boost your working capital position. Speak to one of our advisors for more information about the types of transactions Artis can support, our eligibility criteria and parameters.

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