Company announcements

We note KBRA’s press release, dated 16 February 2023, placing four Artis LoanCo 1 PLC Ratings on Watch Developing.

As stated in the press release, there is no indication to date that the trades Artis Loanco 1 financed between the relevant buyers and TMT Metals, were not of appropriate quality or quantity. Furthermore, all of the structural protections (which includes trade credit insurance) associated with the underlying loans were not compromised.

Usual business activities are continuing as normal.




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About Artis Finance

Artis Finance is a leading Non-Bank Financial Institution with backing from major institutional investors, including private equity firm TDR Capital, tier-one investment banks and pension funds. Headquartered in London, our private debt programmes are geared towards mid-level corporates and multinational firms operating in key markets for cross border trade – such as Europe, Asia, and the Americas – who are seeking to optimise their working capital arrangements and grow their business.

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