Capital for established firms

By combining deep sector expertise and institutional funding, we offer targeted trade finance products to established businesses trading globally.

Transparent structures

Our approach provides our customers with the funding they require, clear instructions on the types of deals we can finance, as well as operational support without hidden charges or lengthy processes. On-boarding of new clients takes a matter of weeks.

Consistency, Adaptability and Scale

Backed by major institutional capital, we are well positioned to help companies optimise their cash flow through long-term, flexible financing solutions, while also providing investors with a chance to diversify their portfolio.

Experienced team

Our expert team is supported by a seasoned board of trade, working capital and structured finance specialists, possessing 200+ years of accumulated sector experience.

Partnership driven

Artis aims to build long-term partnerships with companies and investors alike, an approach reflected in our multi-year funding structures.

“Artis strives to support established, mid-market companies with sound business practices, who may struggle to source finance from the bank market.”

Upcoming Strategies & Programmes

Alongside our existing receivable finance and purchase programmes, Artis is developing an asset-based lending (ABL) strategy.

The ABL sector is currently dominated by banks, who have historically only extended these types of lending structures to multinational corporates. Through this new offering, Artis aims to establish similar funding arrangements for midsized corporates, while offering fresh opportunities to debt capital market investors.

Corporates will be able to tap different inventory financing structures, in turn accessing off-balance sheet funding and freeing up cash that would otherwise by unnecessarily locked in inventory or equipment.

For institutional investors, the ABL strategy will offer up secure, asset-based deals in a previously untouched corner of the market.

Our upcoming Financial Institutions (FI) strategy will predominantly focus on the trade finance requirements of emerging and developing market banks.

The offering aims to provide a predictable source of liquidity for these banks that seek to support their clientele’s sustainable cross-border trade activities.

Financially empowering SMEs remains a core social and economic global workstream that helps drive down inequality and bolster wealth distribution. We aim to do our part by offering financing products that provide liquidity solutions to facilitate the much needed financial support these SMEs require within our ESG framework.